InBody 270


Great Precision for Flexible Solution


Frequency: 20kHz, 100kHz

Display: 600 x 1024 7inch Color TFT LCD

Hand Type: Bar Type

270 side

InBody270: Timeless Style, Yet Significant Feature Changes

The all new InBody 270 is now more elegant and premium than ever before. Its silhouette, combined with clean lines and high-class design elements provides a truly impressive appearance.

Results Sheet

result sheet

Body composition assessment and nutritional information at a glance

1. Body Composition

Compare the bar lengths of Muscle Mass and Body Fat Mass. The longer the Muscle Mass bar is compared to the Body Fat Mass bar, the stronger the body is.

2. Obesity Diagnosis

BMI is an index used to determine obesity by using height and weight. PBF is the percentage of body fat compared to body weight. Check abdominal obesity with WHR value and control metabolism by monitoring BMR.

3. Weight Control

See how your body measures up to the recommended Weight, Muscle Mass, and Body Fat Mass for a good balance. The ‘+’ means to gain and the ‘-’ means to lose.

4. Segmental Lean

Evaluates whether the amount of muscle is adequately distributed throughout the body. Compares muscle mass to the ideal.

5. Segmental Fat

Evaluates whether the amount of fat is adequately distributed throughout the body. Each bar shows fat mass in comparison to the ideal.

6. Exercise Planner

Calories for each different exercise are provided based on the basal metabolic rate for each individual.


Smarter use of InBody270 with additional features


-Upload-pressurized automatic blood pressure monitor gives more accurate results and it is less painful.



- Precise height and weight measurement is given along with touch bar and detailed measurement sensor.


Thermal Printer

- Print the thermal results sheet when the normal printer cannot be connected.


Other Accessories include portable bag, SD400, and barcaode reader


Key Specification

InBody270 10 Impedance measurements by using 2 different frequencies(20kHz, 100kHz) at each 5 segments of the body(Right Arm, Left Arm, Trunk, Right Leg, Left Leg)
Electrode Method Tetrapolar 8-Point Tactile Electrodes
Measurement Method Direct Segmental Multi-frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Method (DSM-BIA )Simultaneous Multi-frequency Impedance Measurement (SMF-BIA)
Body CompositionCalculation Method No Empirical Estimation
Dimension 356 (W) × 796 (L) × 995 (H): mm 14.0 (W) × 31.3 (L) × 39.2 (H): inch
Equipment Weight 14kg (30.9lbs)
Testing Weight Range 10 ~ 250kg(22 ~ 551lbs)
Testing Age Range 3 ~ 99 years
Height Range 95 ~ 220cm(3ft. 1.4in. ~ 7ft. 2.6in.)
Outputs(InBody Results Sheet)
  • Weight, Skeletal Muscle Mass, Body Fat Mass, Total Body Water, Fat Free Mass
  • Protein, Minerals
  • BMI,Percent Body Fat, Waist-Hip Ratio(WHR), Basal Metabolic Rate(BMR), Waist Circumference
  • Visceral Fat Level
  • Muscle Control, Fat Control
  • Segmental Lean(Right arm, Left arm, Trunk, Right leg, Left leg)
  • Segmental Fat(Right arm, Left arm, Trunk, Right leg, Left leg)
  • Impedance
  • Body Composition History
  • Recommended Calorie Intake
  • Exercise Planner(Option)
  • QR code for report interpretation
Outputs(InBody Results Sheet for Children)
  • Height, Body Water, Protein, Mineral, Body Fat
  • Weight, Skeletal Muscle Mass
  • Segmental Lean Evaluation
  • Growth Chart(Height, Weight)
  • Target Weight, Weight Control, Muscle Control, Fat Control
  • BMI, Percent Body Fat, Child Obesity Degree, Basal Metabolic Rate(BMR), Growth Score
  • Impedance